Ideal for new and experience fisherman alike, half day trips can be a great way to introduce young anglers to the world of saltwater fishing.

Here at Got One we truly enjoy taking families with kids out deep sea fishing from John’s Pass and Maderia Beach. These trips are 4 or 5 hours long, and have us fishing from shallower near-shore locations to 10 miles offshore. Depending on the fish in season for that time of the year, we will adapt and change our style of fishing to keep you on steady fishing action.

There are several different styles of fishing we do for the half day John’s Pass and Clearwater Pass fishing trips. These include slow trolling live baits for King and Spanish Mackerel and bottom fishing for Gag Grouper, Red Grouper, Hogfish and Grey Snapper.

Half Day Deep Sea Fishing

4 Hours | 5 Hours
$650 | $750 + Tip

Reef & Bottom Fishing
10 to 15 Miles Offshore