Pound for pound these fish are on of the strongest fighters in the Gulf. They will put a struggle all the way to the surface.

If you want to target these brutes you will not be let down by their pure power. Typically we fish for the Amberjack in depths of 100ft to 140ft over their preferred habitat of a wreck or high relief structure. We use all spinning rods and a lot of live bait to get these fish in a frenzy, often able to pick out which one you would want to catch as they are chummed right up to the back of the boat. The Amberjack is tasty catch for your table and overall just a fun fish to target.  They will wear you out for sure!

Give us a call to go test your strength against the “reef donkeys”.

The Greater Amberjack have minimum size limit of 34’’ to the fork of the tail. To target these hard pulling Jacks you would need to boat a full day charter to get out the deep water wrecks they are located on. The Amberjack in our region typically has a season from August 1st thru October 31st.

Full Day Fishing

8 Hours
$1250 + Tip

Grouper, Amberjack, Snapper
Reef and Bottom Fishing
25 to 40 Miles Offshore