Madeira Beach became a fishing village in 1920 and is known for its historical John’s Pass Village. They say that more Grouper are harvested in the Gulf of Mexico and return through John’s Pass / Madeira Beach than anywhere in the state. It is known that a pirate named John Levique was the first to settle on Madeira Beach.

Madeira Beach is home to a very large and fun seafood festival located right in Johns Pass. The festival attracts up to 130,000 visitors for its amazing food, music, arts and crafts. This city as of late is starting to show signs of building as many new hotels and condos are currently in the works. Madeira Beach is lined with beautiful white sand and numerous very nice and accommodating hotels that keep you with walking distance of John’s Pass.

Restaurants are a plentiful such as Daiquiri Shack, Dockside Dave’s, Lisa’s Cafe, Mad Beach Pub and this is just to list a few. Madeira Beach isn’t quite as well known as Clearwater Beach or St Pete Beach but once come visit this quiet little piece of West coast shoreline it will have you coming back in years to come.